Victoria Fellowes

About Our Founder

Victoria Fellowes is a Certified Professional Coach, having dedicated 12 years to advising professionals from a wide range of different industries and geographical locations on how to:

  1. Re-engage with their work
  2. Uncover the full spectrum of their strengths and tap into their potential so they shine in the workplace
  3. Naturally and sustainably increase their productivity
  4. Become natural considerations for roles, secondments, projects and promotions
  5. Win more clients
  6. Communicate more clearly
  7. Become true leaders in their respective environments and industries.

Victoria is highly familiar with the nuances, trends and dynamics of different market sectors:

  • Able to quickly identify the value and potential in individuals that all companies seek in their existing and future employees;
  • Known for creating create powerful action plans that lead to significant change.
  • At ease creating strategic blueprints for individuals, teams and divisions so that companies can focus on company growth knowing that they have the right staff in place who are engaged, motivated and inspired to the company ethos and plan.
  • Deliver measurable results quickly that are sustainable and practical. Productivity and profit increase and disruption and costs that are caused by turnover, recruitment, training and redundancy all fall.

Victoria is not only a Certified Professional Coach, but she is also a former head-hunter and recruiter who handled specialist senior finance roles across the private sector and the financial services in the UK and abroad. Clients ranged from entrepreneurial start-ups through to scale-ups, FTSE 100, global conglomerates and Tier 1 Private Banks.

She is completely at ease working across a broad spectrum of professional and career concerns including: stagnation, promotion, confidence and mindset, professional anxiety, sales techniques, disengaged, unmotivated, and those returning to work after parental leave. She has also helped those who have been ‘lost in the wilderness’ to identify their potential contribution and get them back on track.

She has had the pleasure of partnering with start-ups, scale-ups and FTSE 100 professionals and has become widely known for her objective thinking, supportive nature, and genuine interest in your success. In addition, she brings professional depth, breadth and insight, winning formulas from other industries, international perspective and a global outlook. This international perspective is strengthened by the fact that Victoria is a Global citizen, who comes from 2 cultures (British and Swedish), has lived in 7 countries across 5 continents and has, so far, visited an additional 45 territories.

Victoria is proudly known for crystallising a person’s strategic development and progression, treating it as if it was her own, creating career blueprints which are bespoke, practical and sustainable and enabling people to shine professionally. Clients turn to us for the solutions and work plans that we create as they are practical, sustainable and actually work.

Having reviewed 1000s of CVs and having interviewed 100s of people, she is confidently able to pinpoint a person’s strengths and weaknesses in 2-3 minutes, and can coach them to the next level and beyond be it for a promotion, a key project or a recruitment drive.

Using a combination of logic, emotion and intuition, NLP, ELI and CBT teachings, she guides her clients to think outside of the box and produce solutions. First we clarify the vision then, we identify the stepping stones to get there. This results in an integrated career, and a life, which is fulfilled, progressive and empowering.