Top 7: Questions to ask a potential employer

All interviews end the same. The employer asks the interviewee if they have any questions. So often people mumble a no. Argh!! You have just shot yourself in the foot! 

This is A GOLDEN opportunity to shine! There are so many great questions you can ask and here is a little taster of some of the ones you can bring up. If you want to know more then give me a call or drop me an email. 

  • What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate? This open-ended question will nudge the employer to state exactly what they are looking for. If they happen to mention something you hadn’t covered, then now you can.
  • How do you measure success in this role and at this company? You are showing that you are keen to make a mark and be successful and their answer will give you great insight in how you can get ahead.
  • What can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with? By phrasing your question like this, you are showing the interviewer that you can see yourself in the role. A key message to portray. 
  • Who held the role previously? The answer will give you great insight into the company culture. Had the previous role-holder been promoted, fired or quit. 
  • What is a key concern facing you guys right now and would I be able to help solve it? You are planting a seed in the employer’s mind that you see yourself being able to do the role. 
  • What do you enjoy about working here? You will encourage a more personal rapport with the employer and their answer will give you some great insight into the company’s current morale. 
  • What are the potential next steps in the process? If nothing else, you should definitely ask this! It shows you are keen and you get an idea of how many other candidates you are up against. 
InterviewVictoria Fellowes