Kickstart 2018 before it even starts

What do you want to achieve in the coming 12 months? What goals would mark 2018 as an awesome year for you? Change your job? Get a promotion? Secure a key client? Run a key project?

Most people tend to wait until the end of December/beginning of January to set the coming year’s resolutions. However, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DON’T WAIT.  They make 2018 plans (personal and professional) and subsequent “resolutions” in November/December.  They are then set up and ready to go and will, most likely, truly enjoy the festive season, cruise into January and retain momentum to work towards their 2018 visions, goals and objectives.

WHY do they do this? Because they understand that Time really is of essence and that it waits for no fool. Successful people often love January and get to enjoy 3 key things that most others don’t.

  1. They are ahead of the pack and are, most likely, seeing results and gaining traction towards their 2018 goals while everyone else still has one foot on the start line.
  2. The changes they decided to make back in November 2017 in order to reach their 2018 goals are becoming habitual as they have already been in place for about 4-6 weeks. Habits make it easier to stay on course.
  3. They feel good because they know that they have time on their side and can therefore absorb any unexpected obstacles and alter their strategy if needs be and still stay on track.

This gives the momentum and empowerment to keep pushing throughout the whole year and dramatically increase the chances of hitting (and even surpassing) the goals.

HOW do they do this? They prepared themselves in advance.  Its human nature to feel great and empowered when we have managed to organise, plan and/or deliver a goal ahead of expectations.  We feel “ahead of the game” and have “won against Time itself”.

Advanced preparation leads to empowerment. Empowerment leads to a healthy mindset. A healthy mindset leads to objectives being met. Objectives met leads to success.

The idea of Advanced Preparation is not something new and companies have been doing it for decades. They have strategy meetings and budget discussions (which includes the hiring quota for the upcoming year) in November. When next year’s goals are decided, senior management often begin planning the first few campaigns of the coming year and mentally re-structure their organisational framework to align with these goals…BEFORE they break up for Christmas.  When I worked in recruitment, November was always unpredictable and how busy I was depended a lot on how quickly my clients had agreed their budget quotas.

This technique is not just limited to companies and highly successful people. Everyone and anyone can do this. All you need to do is have a strategy meeting with yourself in November or beginning of December. Clarify your vision and work backwards to identify the goals, objectives and roadmap you want to set to attain your vision. Here are 7 quick ways to start you off:


  1. Identify your goals. Do you want to change job, get a key promotion, secure a big client?
  2. Work out the various steps you need to take to get there - who, what, how will move you forward.
  3. Practice your intro pitch. 30sec snapshot of who you are, what you do & how that helps others.
  4. Brush up your CV and/or interview skills so you release your inner confidence and your patter is fluid.
  5. Identify who is best placed to help (recruiter, mentor, colleague, industry peer) and connect with them.
  6. Start networking – end of year and Christmas drinks is perfect for this as everyone will be generally more chilled and happy to talk. Don’t fret though if you don’t manage to meet up with everyone you wanted to, as January is also a great month to continue this.
  7. Partner with a coach who can help you to crystallise your goals, hold you accountable and keep you on track.

So, how successful do you want to be in 2018?

It would be great to hear what your goals are for 2018 and how you are coming along. If you are also interested in a workshop then drop me a line.

CareerVictoria Fellowes