Action Heroes for your CV

There are loads of good CVs out there. However, few are amazing. With competition swiftly rising, it is more important than ever, that you shine and beat all the other 999 applicants to catch the eye of a potential employer. 

One fantastic way to take your CV up a few notches and make it strong and dynamic enough to rise above the noise, stand its ground and make you truly shine would be to use Action Heros! 

These are simple and common words that, when placed in the right place, can pack a punch and truly leapfrog the tone of your profile into the realm of the dynamic and amazing. 

For instance:

  • Original Sentence: "Monthly financial reports were transformed to show current sales figures." — BAD!
  • An Action Hero sentence: "Transformed the monthly financial reports to better reflect current sales figures thereby enabling senior management to forecast more accurately." — GOOD!

I am now sharing my short version of my Superhero list of words which you can start to pepper your CV with. There are, of course, many, many more, but the size of my word bank is too big to be included.

  • Accelerated, Accomplished, Adapted, Advanced
  • Balanced, Blazed,  Billed, Built
  • Communicated, Compiled, Conceived, Contributed
  • Defined, Delegated, Delivered, Designed
  • Earned, Enabled, Enhanced, Expanded
  • Facilitated, Forecasted, Formulated, Fulfilled
  • Gained, Gathered, Generated, Graded,  
  • Handled, Headed, Hired, Hosted
  • Identified, Implemented, Initiated, Introduced
  • Launched, Lectured, Led, Lobbied
  • Managed, Maximised, Modernised, Motivated
  • Negotiated
  • Obtained, Optimised. Orchestrated, Organised, 
  • Participated, Pinpointed, Promoted, Provided
  • Quantified, 
  • Recommended, Redesigned, Reduced, Revamped
  • Safeguarded, Secured, Solved, Strengthened
  • Targeted, Trained, Transformed, Translated
  • Unified, Updated, Upgraded, Utilised
  • Validated, Valued
  • Won, Wrote
CVVictoria Fellowes