People are your biggest asset. StrideForth coaches professionals to know their strengths, turn and benefit from their weaknesses and to work more cohesively in teams.

Put simply, there will be nothing holding them back and they'll grow themselves and the businesses that they work with.


As we are individuals, all of our coaching programmes are structured around what you (both individuals and businesses) are aiming to achieve.

If you'd like to chat to see how we gel, please book in a time to speak.



If you like what you've read and are keen to dive in and start making changes, you can do so by choosing any of the below, which can either be as 'one-offs' or as starting points for broader coaching programmes.

One-off Coaching Session

45 - 60 minutes

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This session can be for anything you'd like to cover:

  • Job applications

  • Salary / title negotiations

  • Current role exit / redundancy

  • Workplace confrontation management

  • Boosting confidence in meetings

  • Time management and day structuring

ELI Assessment & Debrief

15 minutes online / 2 hours debrief

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Is unique as a psychometric tool as it is an attitudinal assessment and not a personality-based one. What you will discover is:

  • Your unique stress signature and how to accelerate your empowerment and potential.

  • exactly how engaged you really are in your role, your ability to lead as well as your own personal leadership qualities.

  • Understand what scenarios trigger different responses in us and why we react the way we do. This enables you to boost resilience, manage stamina, establish more productive responses and carve positive habits.

  • Discover what our fears really are, how they are holding you back and what you can adapt to mitigate their influence.

  • Read the behaviour patterns of others, we can put a buffer between negatives influences and we can determine the best methods to move everyone into more constructive and productive responses.

In short, you can stop surviving and start thriving in both life and work.

Deep Dive

3 hours

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  • Gain clarity on what and how you want to achieve in your career and life and why this is important to you.

  • Understand your unique Value Triangle (Value – Purpose – Fulfilment).

  • Develop a Strategic blueprint that maps a path to reach your ultimate goals.

  • Create a detailed 2-year Roadmap on the practical steps to take to move forward on your terms.

  • ELI psychometric assessment & debrief – identify your unique stress signature (its’ triggers and the way it manifests), learn how to handle things more constructively and be able to read the “signatures” of others so you can move them into a more constructive engagement (stop the teddies from being thrown, regardless of how bumpy a ride may be!) – Attached is a 1-page outline on the ELI which provides more information.

Clients can then choose between a CV review, Interview Coaching, viable job search support, salary negotiations, handling office politics.