We uncover the potential you have in your organisation and build your pipeline of talent of future leaders (managers, directors, division heads and the executive board). All services are bespoke to your company's specific needs and wants. Here at StrideForth, we believe that each team needs a custom plan, and so we pull together a handful of programmes to provide a solid foundation to build upon.

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Breakthrough Coaching

"When a habit, just won't budge!" These sessions tackle deep physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual blocks so that clients can actually attain the success they are aiming for, while also gaining the knowledge and skills needed to create sustainable, long-term change. Generally, they go on to lead more fulfilling lives, and as a result, excel in their positions.

Leadership Coaching

Our exclusive Leadership Coaching is for the very specific needs and situations, when only a hand-crafted solution will solve the problem. This is tailored for individuals who have been in a leadership role for 1-2 years and are keen to re-sharpen their skills, so they can quantum leap the team and division forward. Particularly useful when conducting a strategic change in the company, a merger/acquisition, or an entry into a brand-new market for the company. Generally, we design a workshop or set-up coaching sessions with a select group of team leaders, a defined group within the organisation, to transform the leadership approach and facilitate growth. We begin with the end in mind, and craft a plan relevant to the vision.

Project Coaching

Our focus here is on the team and keeping them engaged and on-board, for the full life-cycle of the project at hand. This is especially key when working on strategic projects that are at least 6 Months - 3 Years+ long, OR have a huge team/multiple teams on board based in different locations. The secret is to stay on track with initial deadlines and budgets, which is one of the many things that we cover in this specific package.

Executive Training

Executive clients generally seek practicality and flexibility in a coaching programme, with specific guidance on hitting their targets. In knowing this, we focus on proving practical training to accelerate growth in the fastest manner possible.

Laser Coaching

This program is to tackle a specific and immediate concern, and is often actioned via the telephone. Generally this single coaching call lasts 20-30 minutes, and is regularly undertaken in conjunction with another programme.

Pre/Post Promotion coaching

This package was designed with those moving up the ranks in mind, from junior-to-mid level positions, 1st time managers and directors.

Strategic Employment For Growth

Hiring the right people, at the right time, into the right roles, is the magic formula for significant growth and continued increase in market share. This program is highly transformational and specific to your needs and can either be standalone or dovetailed into existing recruitment and retention strategies