A World of Many Hats

Coaching enabled me to realise that life isn’t a competition between our different selves. It is not a question of “OR”. It is a statement of “AND”….

I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, global citizen AND a professional coach. The competition is now about productivity and a day that is won is one where I have progressed forward in all my aspects and balanced my passions as a coach, mother, wife and friend.

It is because of this golden thread that links between my different “hats” that I do not class myself as simply a coach. I am a mentor, consultant, partner in crime, information provider and a career coach. I also make introductions and connections when possible and relevant.

People come to me because they see my value and love the tools, support and space I give, for them to stand up and become their own best self. Visions are achievable….

Victoria Fellowes